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Thank you for coming to Iceland Health Tech Cluster's inaugural meeting

Iceland Health Tech Cluster held a successful inaugural meeting in its premises at Ármúli on October 4. The meeting was well attended by the founding members of the cluster and other guests. We thank all those who attended very much for coming. Special thanks go to those who spoke at the founding meeting:

  • Bryndís Pálmadóttir - AtonJL

  • Anna Karlsdóttir - Controlant

  • Jóhannes Ingi Torfason - Nordverse

  • Finnur Einarsson - Epiendo

The next meeting of Iceland Health Tech Cluster will be on November 2nd, and the topic will be: The public and the private sector.

A more detailed program and registration will be announced later.

Here you can see selected photos from the meeting, but more photos can be found on our Facebook page.


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