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About us

The Health Tech Cluster is a forum for increasing innovation and general co-operation in Icelandic health matters.

A collaborative platform where different parties work together to advance new technology and solutions for the health system.

Liaison with other clusters and international co-operation with special emphasis on the Nordic countries.

The Health Tech Cluster is the home of the Health Hack Iceland in health technology, a project-oriented collaboration platform for mature institutions and companies with entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative companies with the aim of creating solutions for the activities of the companies and institutions in question.

What do we do?

Iceland Health Tech Cluster organizes events such as meetings, celebrations, company presentations and more to keep the signs of innovation within the division alive and increase general knowledge and interest in the activities.

Iceland Health Tech Cluster is a connection point with other clusters and international collaboration, especially in the Nordic Countries. We share and participate in international events, such as conferences, seminars, trade shows and competitions in the field of health tech and life sciences.

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For the community

Everyone who works in the field of health as well as sectors related to health matters has a role to play in the Iceland Health Tech Cluster's operations.  


The activities of Iceland Health Tech Cluster are for the whole community, everyone who works on issues of better service in health, both technical solutions and other solutions, has a relevance to the Health Tech Cluster. Our guests can be foreign as well as domestic stakeholders, service users, members of the Cluster and sponsors.


Parties that can become members of the Cluster are those stakeholders who directly or indirectly can and want to influence the development of innovation in health matters.​​​

Large companies and institutions

Can contribute to the innovation environment and in return get experience, connections and knowledge from other partners. 

Can connect with entrepreneurs and start-ups, share their experiences and learn new things.

Can share their knowledge and experience at events organized by Iceland Health Tech Cluster.

Can strengthen their foreign network by participating in events that the cluster has direct and indirect involvement in.

Can show social responsibility by supporting innovation.

Growing companies

Can make a supportive contribution to the innovation environment and in return can connect with entrepreneurs and start-ups, can directly participate in Iceland Health Tech Cluster events, introduce themselves and their products/services.

Can strengthen their foreign network by participating in events in which the cluster is directly involved.

Can increase innovation in Iceland by participating in the activities of the cluster, including increasing the public's knowledge of the importance of innovation in health matters.

Startups and entrepreneurs

Can connect with companies operating in Iceland and strengthen their network. 

Can possibly shorten their development with the right connections domestically as well as abroad.

Can participate in conferences and events abroad where the cluster has direct participation.

The team

Iceland Health Tech Cluster is backed by experienced individuals who are passionate about innovation and the development of healthcare.

Freyr Hólm Ketilsson is the cluster's manager, he is experienced in the field of innovation, has set up many projects and startups over the years. More information about Freyr can be found here on LinkedIn.

Kristin Þóra Sigurðardóttir is the cluster's project manager, she is a product designer with extensive experience in project management and quality, safety and environmental issues. More information about Kristín can be found here on LinkedIn.


Freyr Hólm Ketilsson



Would you like to join?

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