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Leviosa one of incredible Icelandic startups to watch in 2023

Leviosa is among those listed by EU-Startups of 10 incredible Icelandic startups to watch in 2023.

Leviosa's aim is to simplify the workload of healthcare professionals, who are overburdened by workload. Healthcare workers today spend up to 70% of their working day in front of a computer screen documenting information, making requests, writing certificates and doing general medical documentation work. In the last two years, Leviosa has developed a new and modern approach to medical documentation, but Leviosa is founded by doctors with years of experience working in an emergency room. Leviosa's goal is to shorten this documentation time and offer a solution that promotes efficiency and improved service.

Other startups on the list work in the fields of sustainability, dating apps, financial technology, hospitality, e-scooter rental, SaaS for the pharmaceutical industry, food technology, the marine industry, teamwork and data analytics.


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