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Report on health and bio tech in Iceland

Innovation and Development for Health Care is the title of a new report on health and bio tech in Iceland published by the Iceland Health Tech Cluster earlier today.

Health and bio technology encompasses all innovation and development that aims at preventing disease, early diagnosis and better treatment with more efficiency. In recent years, health and bio tech in Iceland has advanced and this will help society meet the challenges we face in health matters. With this report, the Health Technology Cluster wants to contribute to creating a basis for better dialogue and increased cooperation on these issues.

The report contains a mapping of the companies working in health and bio tech in Iceland and their interaction with the health service. The mapping was based on the definition that health and bio tech encompasses all innovation and development aimed at preventing diseases, diagnosing them earlier and providing better treatment. The mapping reveals that 67 companies are active in this sector, 31 in health technology and 36 in biotechnology, but it is clear that this list is not exhaustive.

Although it involves a certain simplification of a complex knowledge industry, the difference between health tech and bio tech can be defined so that health tech uses digital technology in the development of solutions, while bio tech uses biological and biochemical knowledge. Together, the articles form two technical solutions and methods to make healthcare more accessible, more efficient and better.

The report is currently only available in Icelandic but will be available in English soon.


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