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Nordverse, Leviosa and Dicino receive grants from Fléttan

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation announced today and yesterday of the allocation of grants from its new funds: Fléttan and Glókollur. Fléttan allocates grants to innovative companies that have created interesting solutions to improve service to patients, shorten wait lists and increase the efficency of the system in general. Glókollur allocates grants for projects and events in the ministry's subject area.

In allocating grants from Fléttan, emphasis was put on supporting implementation of innovation in health tech, products and services and the grant is subject to the applicants having a close working relationship with institutions or companies in health care. We are thrilled to see members of the Iceland Health Tech Cluster among the deserving grant recipients, along with others from the health and bio tech ecosystem in Iceland.

Three projects received grants from Glókollur:

  • Háskólafélag Suðurlands: Installation and introduction to "Nests" - entrepreneur centers in South of Iceland.

  • Rata: Idea builders.

  • Svava Lóa Stefánsdóttir: Nice to hear.

Here below is a list of Fléttan grant recipients, their projects and partners.

More information can be found on the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation's website.


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