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Morning meeting on November 2: The collaboration of the public and private sectors

The next morning meeting of the Iceland Health Tech Cluster will be on November 2nd. The meeting's topic of discussion is the collaboration of the public and private sectors, what has been done well and what can be done better.

A representative from the Directorate of Health with tell us about the vision and direction of the Directorate of Health and a representative from Landspitali will discuss the challenges faced by the hospital.

Sjónlag will share with us their experience of working with the public sector. To conclude the meeting we will have a panel to dissect these matters further.

The house opens at 08:15 with fresh breakfast and coffee. The meeting then starts at 08:45. Schedule:

08:15 - House opens 08:45 - Welcome - Freyr 08:50 - Landspitali: Challenges - Signý Jóna 09:00 - Directorate of Health: Direction and goals - Ingi Steinar 09:15 - Sjonlag: Sharing the experience - Jónmundur 09:30 - Panel: What is done well, what could be better and how? - Ingi Steinar, Hákon (Origo), Jónmundur, Signý, Ásta (Treatably) 10:00 - Closing words- Freyr

Registration form can be found here.


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