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Improving public health and presentation on new report on health and bio technology in Iceland

Our next morning meeting will be held on Wednesday January 11. The theme of our January meeting is "Improving Public Health". Additionally, we will be presenting a newly published report on health and bio technology in Iceland.

We will open the meeting with a short intro from the Division of Public Health at the Directorate of Health, after which we will have a casual chat between selected representatives of Iceland Health Tech Cluster's members who will talk about the various positive impacts innovation can have on improved public health.

At the end of the meeting there will be a presentation on the newly published report on the status of health and bio technology in Iceland. The report has been done by Aton.JL on behalf of Iceland Health Tech Cluster.

We will open our doors at 8:15 with fresh breakfast and warm coffee waiting inside. The meeting starts at 8:45.

Schedule: 08:15 Open doors 08:45 Welcome 08:50 Directorate of Health - Division of Public Health 09:00 "How will innovation in health and bio tech lead us to better public health?"

Sit down chat with representatives from Mín líðan, Proency, Beanfee and Florealis. 09:30 Presentation on report on health and bio technology in Iceland 09:50 Closing words

Registration form can be found here.


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