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14th Healthcare Innovation World Cup® at MEDICA

The results of the 14th Healthcare Innovation World Cup 2022 were announced at a ceremony at the Medica conference in Düsseldorf on 14 November. The top 12 participants presented their solutions on stage in front of the jury and the audience, after which the top 3 participants received recognition at the award ceremony.

  1. Viewmind - With the help of artificial intelligence, Viewmind measures eye movement patterns and thereby obtains an accurate diagnosis of various neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's.

  2. MobileODT - Digital mobile mini-colposcope powered by Artificial Intelligence and telehealth capabilities.

  3. Wheelstair - Device that allows wheelchair users to independently overcome architectural barriers.

15th Healthcare Innovation World Cup® 2023

The Healthcare Innovation World Cup® is looking for the next generation of smart health devices, medical wearables, digital biomarkers, electroceuticals, intelligent patches, and more. HealthTech and MedTech innovators worldwide are invited to take part. Applications have been opened for the 15th Healthcare Innovation World Cup 2023.

We encourage our members in the Iceland Health Tech Cluster to look into participating next year. Participation is free of charge, but there is a lot to win.


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