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Iceland Health Tech Cluster

Iceland Health Tech Cluster is a collaboration platform in health tech and life sciences in Iceland.


The goals of Iceland Health Tech Cluster are to: Increase innovation and recruitment in health and biotechnology. Increase the number of implemented service-oriented personal solutions for clients with efficiency and efficiency of the system in mind. Increase the number of people working on innovations in the industry and increase international cooperation.

Activities of Iceland Health Tech Cluster

Iceland Health Tech Cluster hosts monthly meetings for its members and other interested guests. Each meeting is dedicated to a specific topic that affects the health tech and life sciences sector in one way or another. The Advisory Council of Iceland Health Tech Cluster chooses the topics of each meeting and oversees the program for each working year. 

Iceland Health Tech Cluster is the connection point of its members with other clusters and international cooperation in the field of health tech and life sciences, with a special focus on the Nordic countries. We communicate and participate directly in interesting international events, such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions and competitions related to health tech and life sciences.

Iceland Health Tech Cluster is the home of Health Hack Iceland, a project-based collaboration platform between mature institutions and companies, and entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative companies, with the aim of creating user-oriented health solutions with innovative thinking, processes and methods.

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In the media

freyr_ketilsson_1_litur.jpg - Nýtum tæki­færi – opnum sam­talið - 30. janúar


Rás 1 - Samfélagið - 11. janúar 2023

20221004_085038.jpg - Stofna heilsuklasa að norrænni fyrirmynd - 5. október 2022

20221004_085009.jpg - Æskilegt að ríkið vinni meira með einkaaðilum - 11. janúar


Rás 2 - Síðdegisútvarpið - 12. október 2022

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