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Patents, regulations and barriers to market

What: Iceland Health Tech Cluster's morning meeting

When: February 1, 2023.

Where: Ármúli 13, 1st floor.

The topics of the meeting will be patents, regulations and barriers to the market. As always, we try to approach the subject in the most varied and interesting way possible.

The house opens at 08:15 with breakfast and coffee.

The meeting then starts promptly at 08:45.


08:15 Open 08:45 Welcome 08:50 Icelandic Itellectual Property Office: Presentation of a report on foreign patent applications by Icelandic companies in the field of life sciences. 09:05 Árnason Faktor: Health Tech Patents - Strategic Advice.

09:20 Controlant: IP stories from the industry 09:30 Panel: Intellectual Property Office, Árnason Faktor, Páll Ragnar Jóhannesson - Oculis, Kristján Gunnarsson - ArcanaBio, Baldur Þorgilsson - Kiso, Guðmundur Þór Reynaldsson - Controlant. 10:00 Closing words

Registration for the meeting is here.


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